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"Ties and Lies"

(Our weekend fly tying session)

  Our weekend fly-tying session, “Ties & Lies,” is held one Saturday a month from 9:00am to noon. Come on in and join us at our club classroom, 231 Station Street, here in Ridgecrest.

  As always, these fly-tying sessions are open to everyone who's interested. If you need help trying to solve a tying problem, no worries, there's plenty of assistance available from other tiers.

   You don't have to tie flies either, just come on in and kibitz or listen to the fish stories; maybe swap a few of your own. This is also an opportunity for club members to have access to the library to review, check-out and/or return any of the books, reference material, VHS tapes and DVDs that are available.

   We also use this time to tie "Pink Flies" which we donate to several Casting For Recovery groups, both here in the United States and in New Zealand. Check out our "Pink Flies" page for additional information.

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