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"Pink Flies" Gone Global

   A couple of years ago, our weekend fly tying group, often referred to as "Ties and Lies," was asked to tie some "pink flies." "Pink flies?" you ask, yup, that's right, I said pink flies.

 That year, "Stripping For The Cure" was holding their 3rd Annual event on the South Fork of the Snake River in Swan Valley, Idaho. This event was being held to raise awareness and money for the Komen Foundation - Wyoming in their fight against breast cancer.

  So they needed pink flies to give out to the 62 ladies, who incidentally were clad-in-pink, with the task to fish the pink flies upon the waters of the Snake River.

   So several of the Ties and Lies members started tying pink flies, and more pink flies, and even more pink flies. Eventually, all these pink flies were sent off to Stripping For The Cure for their next Snake River event. Well, there ended up being too many pink flies so left-overs were sent on to "Casting For Recovery" groups in New Mexico, Idaho, and even as far away as New Zealand.

   Our Ties and Lies fly tying group is proud to be able to support "Stripping For A Cure" and "Casting For Recovery" with "pink flies" for their annual events. We also look forward to supporting Casting For Recovery—Southern California and Casting For Recovery—Northern Nevada - Central California in the near future with pink flies.

  For additional information on Casting For Recovery, please head on over to their web sites.

   CFR-United States Click Here

   CFR-Northern Nevada-Central California Click Here

   CFR-Southern California Click Here

   CFR-New Zealand Click Here

For additional information on the Koman Foundation-Wyoming Click Here

The video below is provided and used with permission

by Casting For Recovery -

New Zealand​.

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