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       Fly Rod Building


  These classes usually start on a Friday and runs through Saturday and Sunday. If you can make two of the three days you will be in good shape to finish the rod on your own. This class is structured for the beginning rod builder. We try to be very methodical in our instruction. The minimum class size is three students and the maximum number is six.

  There is a general class fee of $95; $50 for youth. Additional family members can sign up for $70. Contact us with any questions or to sign up. You need to have your components together prior to the start of a class. The cost is reduced if you are already a member of the Aguabonita Flyfishers.

  Keep an eye on our Calendar page for upcoming classes. You can also go to our Contact page, fill-out the convenient form, click send, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you've requested.

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