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Aguabonita Flyfishers Club

"Service Awards"

    Each year, at our annual banquet, awards are periodically presented to individuals who have unselfishly demonstrated attitudes and performance beyond what is expected of them. It is through the dedication and contributions of these individuals that our club lives and provides the opportunity for others to enjoy our sport.


    Starting in September of this year, the Club's Board of Directors will solicite “2015” nominations for the five awards listed below, to be awarded at the annual banquet in 2016. If you would like to nominate someone for an award, please contact the Club Secretary, Dave Calvert at: (760) 793-8026 or email at:

The Chuck Newmyer Perpetual Award

Established 2014


    The “Chuck Newmyer Perpetual Award” was established to remember and honor Chuck Newmyer who was the founder of the Aguabonita Flyfishers Club and a life-long fisherman. He gave freely of his time and talent to support the Club and the sport of fly fishing.  His humor, kindness and humanitarian spirit will be remembered by the Club. Chuck liked to teach and mentor fly fishers and future fly fishers, which includes fly fishing, fly tying, rod building, and teaching youth about the way of the trout. He was a member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and received awards for Legends of Flyfishing, the Charlie Brooks Award, and Fly Tying Teacher and President’s Pin. He was a Certified Fly Casting Instructor. He received the California Department of Fish and Game Volunteer Award for work on the State’s Wild Trout Program. Chuck’s support of conservation was rewarded when the Kiosk at the Hot Creek Interpretive Site was dedicated in his honor.

    This award is given once a year to a Club Member who has given freely of his/her time and talents in service to the Club and the sport of fly fishing during the past calendar year.   Unlike other Club awards; the recipient keeps the award piece in trust for a year, returning it to the Board of Directors for awarding to the next recipient.  Each recipient’s name will be placed on a plaque to be kept and displayed prominently by the Board of Directors for Club Members to view.  

    A majority vote of the Board of Directors will choose the recipient. 

The Bob Cherry Award 

Established in 2010


   The ‘Bob Cherry Award’ was established to remember and honor Bob who was one of the founding fathers of the Aguabonita Flyfishers. Bob loved fly fishing and readily shared his knowledge with others. His legacy lives through the continuing educational classes and the establishment of annual banquets which remain as cornerstones of our club today. Those fortunate to have fished with Bob remember him as an excellent fly fisher, fly tier, knowledgeable mentor, and a man who just loved to have fun.

The Art Craddock Award 

Established in 2002


   The ‘Art Craddock Award’ was established to remember Art. An expert fly tier and nymph fisherman, he shared his knowledge freely. Our club has been enriched by the legacy of fly-tying skills that he taught, and the one-on-one fishing instructions he gave. His legacy of mentoring and generosity are honored by this award.

The Mel Smith Award 

Established in 2002


    The ‘Mel Smith Award’ was established to remember and honor Mel who gave so freely of his time and talent to support the sport of fly-fishing. An active member of club, he could always be counted on to support conservation projects, fund-raising events, fishery habitat improvements and outings. His legacy is honored by this award.

The Tommy Chapman Award 

Established in 1984


     The ‘Tommy Chapman Award’ was established to remember and honor Tommy who believed so deeply in preserving and protecting our fish, waters, and the watershed. As a charter member of our club, he was instrumental in establishing and promoting a conservation ethic. His legacy of conservation is honored by this award.

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