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Outreach Programs

   Ever since the beginning of the Aguabonita Flyfishers Club in 1979, we've never been a club that has only thought of just it's membership. Just by our very nature as fly fishing enthusiast and the beliefs and core values of our founding members, we've gone beyond just brick and mortar to bringing the sport of fly fishing and the need of being good stewards of our natural resources to our local community and beyond.

   So when you find us, we'll be out there working along side many of our local, county, state, and federal government agencies. You'll find us rebuilding wild trout habitat all over the Eastern Sierra-Nevada mountains from Monanche Meadows to Hot Creek.

 You'll find us setting up fish tanks for Trout in the Classroom with several school districts along the Eastern Sierra's. You'll find us teaching fly casting and fly tying to adults and children whether at our local community fair or even places as far north as Mammoth Lakes.

  Just like the the streams and rivers we enjoy fishing, our club is never satisfied by staying in one place. We're constantly moving because we know there's something better up around the bend for everyone to find and enjoy.

Hot Creek Kiosk Repair

Ridgecrest Spring Fair

Bugology Tent at

Mammoth Fly Fishing Faire

Family Fall Festival

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