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 Sand Canyon Environmental Education Program (SEEP) is a community-based program here in Ridgecrest and the surrounding Indian Wells Valley. It is also offered in our neighboring community of Trona in the Searles Valley.

  There are many community partners including the Aguabonita Flyfishers Club, members of the Maturango Museum Docents, Audubon Society, Historical Society, Sierra Sands School District, and several other local groups and businesses. The program serves about 500 4th graders in the area from 10 different schools.

  At our Aquatics Station, students pull on rubber boots, step into the stream, and scoop up aquatic invertebrates in their nets. After emptying their nets into tubs of water, they can observe the differences between a caddisfly, mayfly, dobson fly, stone fly larvae and a variety of other aquatic organisms.

 For additional information about our club involvement in this program, please send us an email:

Sand Canyon Environmental

Education Program (SEEP)

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